Lichess Game of the Month: December 2023

Lichess Game of the Month: December 23

Detailed GOTM study by IM lovlas on the French Defense

Whether you face the French Defense as White or play it yourself as Black, this blog post will definitely be for you! Even if it's not within your repertoire, you can learn a lot from this game.

By January 5th, several of your best games of December were shared via our forum post, Mastodon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram or Telegram.

Our team went on and carefully checked all suggested games and found that the game of @ChessStrawberry2020 was outstanding and also a practical use for all readers. Congrats!
@lovlas had a deeper look into the brilliant game and commented a lot for you to learn from, check it out:

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  • Only standard games (no variants)
  • Only submit one game per user (additional games will be ignored), and must have been played in January 2024 only!

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