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Lichess Game of the Month: December 2023Lichess

Lichess Game of the Month: December 23

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Overcompetitiveness in Chess

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Our Game of the Month January Contest is underway: Share your best Lichess standard game played in January 2024 until February 5th! The winner will be announced one week after the deadline, followed by a blog post with commentary on the game.

12-year-old IM Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus won the 1st Jeddah Festival Young Masters with 6.5/9 points and earned his second GM norm! The 4th placed IM Andy Woodward even achieved his final GM norm and is set to become the youngest currently active Grandmaster at the age of 13.

The final of the Antichess World Championship will begin in 30 minutes! Who is going to be the new champion: @TheUnknownGuyReborn or @llIVIll? Watch the games live with commentary by @firebatprime.

The announced qualification paths for the FIDE Candidates 2026: There will be 3 spots from the World Cup, 2 from the Grand Swiss, 2 from the Circuit and 1 for the highest rated player, which will be determined by the 6-month average instead of the current rating to avoid situations like in December.

You can now subscribe to broadcasts! Simply enable the toggle on the tournament page and you will be notified when the next round starts.

The Tata Steel 2024 is over: GM Wei Yi has won the Masters in a 4-player tiebreak and is now ranked #9 in the world! GM Leon Luke Mendonca is the Challengers winner and will play in the Masters next year, while IM Arthur Pijpers advances to the Challengers 2025 as the winner of the Amateurs section.

The final round of the Tata Steel Masters is underway, but we might see more games today: GMs Vidit, Giri, Gukesh, Abdusattorov & Wei Yi are currently tied for 1st place, and if two or more players are still tied for 1st place after the round, the winner will be determined in blitz tiebreaker games.