The Out Of Book Social Club

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Welcome to The Out Of Book Social Club, where the focus is exclusively on members-only experimental freerolls (that is, no team battles and no "standard" tournaments).

At the moment, the only thing that's happening here is that I (wlycdgr, the club creator & dictator) am working on tallying the results and paying out the prizes for the 2023 freerolls that are not yet paid out. You are welcome to apply to join the club, but I won't be reviewing applications until everything is paid, and there may not be any more club tournaments for a long time (if ever) even after I'm done with that.


OOBS 18: 512 USD No Repeatsies Arena8+0 • Rapid • Rated • 6hInner team
OOBS 17: The Blackjack Swiss8+0 • Rapid • Rated21 rounds swiss
OOBS 16: U1800 Rapid Swiss8+0 • Rapid • Rated7 rounds swiss
OOBS 15: U1800 Rapid Swiss8+0 • Rapid • Rated9 rounds swiss
OOBS 14: U1800 Rapid Swiss8+0 • Rapid • Rated6 rounds swiss